Born Into A Lie Of Crime

Ron Isherwood

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- The story of one man’s fight against himself and the world he fought to understand -

Ron Isherwood was a career criminal before his teens. He knew this made his father proud. By the time Ron was 17, he was in the notorious Victorian prison, Pentridge, charged with four attempted murders.

His father was critical that he hadn't killed his victims. As an elected member of the feared Painters and Dockers Union, Ron's father was a tough and violent man. Their home was a drop in centre for some of Victoria's most notorious criminals.

Ron became a drug dealer, a jewel thief and international criminal. And worst of all, a junkie. As a result he has spent nearly two decades in some of Australia's hardest prisons.

Ron now helps others to avoid living what he terms:

A Lie of Crime.  

by Ron Isherwood as told to John Killick


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