The Last Escape - The Uncut Story From 1942-2023

John Killick

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John Killick spent over 30 years in some of the hardest gaols in Australia, mostly for bank robberies and escaping.

While in Pentridge, he spent 4 years in the notorious H Division (1968 -1972). John was there with Ronald Ryan, the last man hanged in Australia.

In 1984, while in Boggo Road Gaol, Queensland, John’s girlfriend slipped him a toy pistol and he held up the armed guards and escaped from the hospital. In 1999, another girlfriend hijacked a helicopter and rescued him from Sydney’s Silverwater Prison.

This is his life story, warts and all. At times violent and confronting but now redemptive. It is a no holds barred account of the way it was and how the system has changed. As he has. John makes no excuses for his past.

Now at 81, John Killick has been free for 9 years and has written 6 books.

370 pages